First, thanks for showing up! The Fruity Pebbles and milk are over on the table there...
I've pulled together some songs that I've had stashed away over the years and I've rewritten and re-recorded them at home during "The Year of Our Pandemic 2020". Some of the songs date back to the 90s (no, not my 90s, but THE 1990s). I've also written some new music. I was having so much fun doing it that I decided last year to release an actual ALBUM of this stuff. If for nothing else than to say "I did this". Today's online music industry seems to make this pretty easy to do. I just thought, "Eh, why NOT me?".

Sometimes, you just have to START.

I've written and played everything on START on my own, except where noted (all vocals, guitars, bass, keys, and SOME drums). If the music must be labeled, I guess you could call it 'pop-rock' (it will not explode in your mouth, though). There're a couple of instrumentals as well. You'll be able to check it out before you buy it- so all I ask is that you check it out- and I DO hope that you pick it up and get something out of it.

You can get the album NOW for WHATEVER YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT.

Regarding this website, it's about time I have all of my band dates in one place, if for nothing else, just so that I can remember "hey, where are you playing, you ninny?". I've also got a new Facebook page.

Check out START and its tracks which you can sample below. I hope you like it. It'll be a home-cooked thing.

Ooh, Lookit me! I'm INDIE!

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JULY 25, '22

Hey Gang- I have a new track that you can presave at this time. This one is a Rock/New Country/Comedy song called "I Wanna Be Rich (How'$ About You?). It's an older song that I rewrote and rerecorded over the past few months. I got some great suggestions from Ryan Satterlee (local sound man legend in these here parts) and I'm indebted to him for some great ideas. I hope you like the song. You can get it on AUGUST 7TH and It will 'premeire' on Facebook and Youtube on my pages on July 29th @ 10:00 AM (Pst). Hope you'll check it out.    

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Mostly likely, you've come to this website after seeing me in one of my local Seattle acts. I perform in 4 different dance/tribute bands in Washington state, playing a different set of instruments and handling different vocal duties in each.
We perform at Casinos, Clubs, and Outdoor Events across the state. The tribute bands have also also done out of state shows. Learn more about them by heading to their respective websites (linked below). You can find my show calendar below as well.

The Machine
WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney
Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx
Third Stage: A Tribute to Boston